Picture of Ted Fagerburg Ted Fagerburg, the principal, has over 30 years professional experience in the recreational marine industry. He grew up with rowboats, outboard boats and sailboats. He ran a sailboat dealership in central Illinois, USA. He spent 28 years with Brunswick Corporation's Mercury Marine division, primarily working in Europe. He spearheaded Brunswick Marine in Europe's European boat program and was instrumental in developing it into the largest small craft manufacturer / marketer in Europe. He has intimate knowledge of inflatable boats, RIBs, fiberglass boats and riveted aluminium utility boats. He has deep knowledge of the market for both outboard motors and inboard and sterndrive diesel engines.

Examples of consulting missions include an 18 month stint with Volkswagen Marine during which he structured the administrative activities of the after-sales service department and had line responsibility for the French, Swedish, Greek and Romanian markets; European sales management for Ranger Tugs, a boutique US boat builder; consultation with a New York based hedge fund interested in learning more about the European boating market; research for an investment group looking at a making major European marine industry acquisition; evaluation of a North African boat manufacturer's product, process, infrastructure and overall capability to export boats to Europe. He also developed a practical business plan in order to help this particular client reach his objective. He has also designed a boat manufacturing plant for an Eastern European client including developing a detailed budget for all of the equipment required to run it.

Currently his primary occupation is as the International Operations Director for Hyundai SeasAll, the premiere Korean manufacturer of high-speed diesel engines for the marine industry and a Venture Company of Hyundai Motor Corporation. In this role, he is playing a key part in the international roll-out plans for the new marine division of this well established organization. He also has a long-term relationship with the leading Korean inflatable boat manufacture for which he provides ongoing market data and product development advice.

He is free to take on additional assignments as long as there is no conflict of interest with his current clients.

Ted Fagerburg's expertise is focused on, but not limited to, the European market. He has contacts in the marine industry on a world-wide basis and can undertake “remote” missions through his network.