Cypress Tree Manor

A roguelike by Nils Fagerburg (


Some day as you're going about your daily routine, zombies appear out of nowhere! Your only chance of survival is to go to the old manor, built be that crazy old man. It is said to be full of oddly placed rooms, and there is rumored to be a bunker hidden in the basement that would allow you to survive if only you can find it. However it is a very small bunker that will only house one person. You hope no one else remembered the bunker before you...


Cypress Tree Manor is a roguelike originally written for the 2009 7DRL challenge. Worry not, it has since been refurbished. It is written in Python and uses the pyGame library.


The 7DRL version is there for archeologists, you probably don't want to download it.



1.3 (29/06/2012)

1.2 (4/3/2011)

1.1 (unreleased)

7DRL (15/3/2009)

Original release.